Choices and Rights


Member of Disability Rights UK

The Centre for Independent Living, covering Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire managed by Choices and Rights Disability Coalition.

The Centre for independent Living (CIL) is a collection of key services for disabled people.

Choices and Rights staff members manage the Information Service, the Direct Payments Support Service, the Access Direct Project and the Disability Equality Training Project.

Choices and Rights is an organisation for disabled people in the Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire area. We are 100% run and controlled by disabled people.

Our main aims are:

  • To promote the independence and inclusion of all disabled people in society
  • To Identify and pro-actively challenge the discrimination faced by disabled people
  • To encourage disabled people to work together to achieve change locally


What can new technology do for you?

Choices and Rights are looking into the benefits of technology and disabled people. We are aware that there are web sites that deal with access issues, provide information, etc. but we want to try and think of new and exciting possibilities to really change things!

For example, we are looking into if speech software could be used to enable deaf people to get an instant script of what their doctor is saying to them or to allow them to attend a comedy gig without a lip speaker/sign language interpreter or palantypist.

Have you a “wish list” of what you would like technology to do for you? LET US KNOW YOUR IDEAS. Don’t worry if they sound impossible, expensive, etc., just tell us what you think. It’s also about adapting current ideas.  (more…)