Access Direct Project

The Access Direct projects main aims are:

  • To make available specialist support for people who experience substantial communication difficulties so that they can access and deal directly with public and other services.
  • To support public and other services to enable them to make their services accessible to people who experience substantial communication difficulties and so comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • To support public service and other employers to carry out equal opportunities polices and
  • To provide training and advice for front-line staff in public service and other organisation on responding positively to people who experience substantial communication difficulties.

As part of the Access Direct project we have developed a substantial database of professional communication support workers and interpreters. This database includes details of BSL interpreters, Palantypists, Lip Speakers and note takers. If you need to book a communication support worker or interpreter you can contact Choices and Rights and we will source one for you. You will have to pay the communication support workers/Interpreters fees do we do not make a charge for sourcing these professional for you.

We also provide Deaf Awareness/Communication Awareness training. In the course of their daily lives hearing people will come into contact with many deaf and hard of hearing people (14% of the population has a hearing loss which is significant enough to affect their ability to understand speech). Service providers are often simply unaware of the communication tactics that they can employ to improve communication with deaf and hard of hearing people. This can lead to distress, frustration and embarrassment on both sides.

Our Deaf Awareness training is designed to overcome this problem. The main objectives of the training are:

  • To gain understanding of the issues surrounding deafness and deaf people.
  • To identify and develop clear communication tactics to enable you to communicate effectively and confidently with deaf people.
  • To break down the “Invisible” communication barrier between deaf and hearing people.
  • To help to prevent discrimination.

All courses can be tailor made to meet the needs of the booking organisation, and Choices and Rights have been commissioned to provide more specialist course such as “The impact of deafness on Mental Health”

If you need an interpreter/Communication support worker, or would like to consider training for your employees, please contact Denise Phone 01482 878778, textphone 01482 370986, fax 01482 370999 or email her at
Denise Canniffe
Direct Payment support worker
The Centre for Independent Living
Choices and Rights Disability Coalition
Jude Lodge (Tiverton House)
Tiverton Road

Denise is deaf and therefore if you call on 01482 878778 you may be asked to leave a message with one of the admin team. They will then return your call, or Denise will contact you via Typetalk/Text Direct.

People wishing to contact Denise directly who do not have access to a Text Phone can call via the Typetalk Relay Service or Text Direct. Clients who wish to contact Denise directly can dial direct using the 18002 prefix before dialling 01482 370986 and an RNID Typetalk Operator automatically joins the line to relay the conversation.

D/deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech Impaired text phone users can contact the Information services direct by Text Phone on 01482 370986