Disability Discrimination Advice

Choices and Rights have always endeavoured to advise and support disabled people who have been discriminated against.

Many of Choices and Rights employees, as disabled people who have experience discrimination ourselves, have first-hand experience of taking disability discrimination cases to mediation, small claims court or employment tribunal . Identifying that a high number of information requests we received were about disability discrimination, we are pleased to announce that we have recently secured funding and have employed two Disability Discrimination Advice Workers (job share) for a further 2 years from October 2013.

The Disability Discrimination Advice Workers can advise you if you feel you have been discriminated against because you are a disabled person, because of your association with a disabled person, or because you have supported a disabled person to make a complaint about disability discrimination. The discrimination could be:

  • in your workplace as a result of actions by your employer or colleagues,
  • in the way a service has been provided to you by a private or public sector agency,
  • in the refusal to provide a service,
  • in the refusal to alter the way a service is provided so as to make it accessible to you,
  • in the way you or your disabled child is treated at school ,college or university,
  • in the way you are treated as a disabled parent/carer by your children’s school or college,
  • as a result of the action or decision of a public authority where that public authority has not considered how that action or decision may adversely affect you and other disabled people.

Examples of discrimination which we have successfully challenged include:

  • Denial of access to a pub, shop or restaurant because someone has a registered assistance dog.
  • Failure to provide information in an accessible format for people unable to access standard print.
  • Failure to provide communication support for deaf people e.g. at hospital appointments.
  • Being unable to use blue badge parking spaces in a supermarket car park that are being taken up by cars not displaying blue badges.
  • Employment related discrimination of people with mental health issues, physical or sensory impairments e.g. in the application process, failure to provide “reasonable adjustments” to enable you to continue working or the threat of or actual dismissal due to disability.
  • Discrimination in education – whether by disabled pupils, their parents or by college or university students.

We are always happy for you to get in contact and we can advise you if you have a case and support you in taking up your rights and challenging discrimination.

Click here to see our leaflet on Disability Discrimination Advice.

The Disability Discrimination Advice Workers can be contacted by:

Telephone: 01482 878778

Textphone: 01482 370986

Fax: 01482 370999

Email: dda@choicesandrights.org.uk

By Letter: Choices & Rights Disability Coalition, Jude Lodge (Tiverton House), Tiverton Road, Bransholme, Hull, HU7 4DQ.