What can new technology do for you?

Choices and Rights are looking into the benefits of technology and disabled people. We are aware that there are web sites that deal with access issues, provide information, etc. but we want to try and think of new and exciting possibilities to really change things!

For example, we are looking into if speech software could be used to enable deaf people to get an instant script of what their doctor is saying to them or to allow them to attend a comedy gig without a lip speaker/sign language interpreter or palantypist.

Have you a “wish list” of what you would like technology to do for you? LET US KNOW YOUR IDEAS. Don’t worry if they sound impossible, expensive, etc., just tell us what you think. It’s also about adapting current ideas.  Continue reading »

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Do you want to join a Wheelchair Service User Group?

936850 SMC Wheelchair User Group Poster Iss2 AW

NRS Healthcare have a Wheelchair Service User Group for Hull and East Riding. They are looking for new people to join the group. There are no meetings .. all information will be sent to you be email or post. This is a way to share your views with NRS Healthcare and to work with them on service developments.

If you are interested contact Carline Desjardins or Michelle Uney on 08448 936375.

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