Childrens Direct Payments Support Scheme

Choices and Rights have a dedicated worker who supports families/carers of disabled children who wish to use Direct Payments.

What are Direct Payments?

Instead of using services arranged by the Local Authority (Social Services) you can now received money (known as a Direct Payment) to buy the services you need directly.
Direct Payments are primarily for carers of disabled children, and also some disabled young people, aged 16-17 who may be able to manage their own Direct Payment package.

Can I get Direct Payments?

If your disabled child has been assessed by social services as having eligible needs your social worker should offer you Direct Payments in lieu of services provided by the council. The advantage of this is that you can purchase the care to suit your child and the family.

What can direct payments be used for?

Depending on what you have been assessed as needing you can use direct payments for:

  • Help with your child’s personal care, such as washing, dressing and eating
  • After school care
  • Respite care
  • Assistance to access leisure services such as swimming, going to the cinema etc
  • Household tasks, to free up time to care for your child

Direct Payments give you a choice about who you want to provide this service. For example you may know a friend or other individual (not normally a relative) who you feel you could employ to help you care for your child.

What type of support can Choices and Rights give to people who wish to use Direct Payments?

Choices and Rights can talk you through the process, and explain what your rights and responsibilities are. If you are employing someone you do have some legal responsibilities, especially around employment law.
If you have not identified someone who you would like to employ, Choices and Rights can assist you to recruit a Personal Assistant. This includes writing and placing adverts, drawing up Personal profiles, job descriptions, and application packs.
We can assist which short listing applicants and facilitate interviews.
When you know who you want to employ, we can assist with setting up public and employer liability insurance and setting up a payroll service.
When you are using your Direct Payments we will always be available to answer any questions that you might have, and will provide you with ongoing support.
We provide information on legislation effecting employees, signposting and referring to other organisations as required

How do I get in touch?

You can contact the Children Direct Payment support scheme by:

  • Telephone: 01482 878778
  • Fax: 01482 370999
  • Email:


Please address written enquiries to:

Mark Baggley
The Centre for Independent Living
Choices and Rights Disability Coalition
Tiverton House
Tiverton Road