Disability Information Service

All employees of the Centre for Independent Living are disabled know first hand how difficult it can be to get the sort of information that disabled people, our families and our friends need.
We aim to provide the information you need ourselves, or, if we can not do so, to tell you how to get in touch with the organisation who can.
We understand how difficult it can be to get information in appropriate and accessible formats, and we aim to provide you with the information that you need in a way that you can understand.

Who is it for?

Accessible information has been identified by disabled people, as one of the seven needs for independent living. We aim to provide information to:
• Disabled People
• Personal Assistants / Carers
• Families of disabled people
• Professionals
• Friends of Disabled People
• Anybody who needs information about a disability or disability related issue

What kind of information can we provide?

We can provide a large range of local and national information from a wide range of resources. We can offer practical information on all sorts of topics including, but not limited to:
• Law and Rights
• Education
• Social Services
• Holidays
• Transport
• Personal matters
• Art & Leisure
• Aids & Equipment
• Sports & Interests
And if you want information about:
• Housing
• Independent Living / Direct Payments
• Access
• Disability Equality Training
Our Information Officer can refer you to the Centre for Independent Living’s dedicated workers.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact the Disability Information Service by:
• Telephone: 01482 878778
• Fax: 01482 370999
• Email: office@choicesandrights.org.uk
Please address written enquiries to:
The Disability Information Service
The Centre for Independent Living
Choices and Rights Disability Coalition
Jude Lodge (Tiverton House)
Tiverton Road

People wishing to contact the service who do not have access to a Text Phone can call via the Typetalk Relay Service or Text Direct.
D/deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech Impaired text phone users can contact the Information services direct by Text Phone on 01482 370986
You can also dial direct using the 18002 prefix before dialing 01482 370986 and an RNID Typetalk Operator automatically joins the line to relay the conversation.
All services can also be accessed via either Typetalk relay service or Text Direct.